Excellence in Customer Service (ECS2.0)

Greater Indiana Title Company has reengineered Exceptional Customer Service (ECS) and has taken it to new and exciting levels. By having a better trained work force on the issues of ECS and by knowing how to achieve ECS in every contact with the company, every GIT staff member has an understanding of what ECS is and how to achieve it. GIT enhances the concept of ECS to embrace all interfaces that customers have with the company; be it the accounting staff, the receptionist, how we answer the phone, our web site, our presence on social media, and our corporate image.

Exceptional Customer Service 2.0 is a program that assists GIT staff to exceed customers’ expectations every day. It means delivering what we promise, when we promise it and providing service in the most professional way possible. By providing customers the service standards outlined by ESC 2.0, they use our services and talk to people they know about the exceptional service they received at GIT.

ECS 2.0 is a training program that helps GIT staff create distinctive customer experiences to drive sales with results in customer retention and in the attraction of new customers. It creates more informed front line service people and teaches skills to maximize the quality of the customer experience at GIT. Attention is given to developing skills and scripts to improve communication, cooperation and the overall effectiveness of customer service throughout the company.

“Every contact we have with a customer influences whether or not they’ll come back. We have to be great every time or we’ll lose them.” – Kevin Stirtz

How GIT achieves customer loyalty is a process, not a single action. If we are able to achieve loyalty from customers to GIT, we will be successful in in our business and will fulfill our objectives.

Perception is reality. In the end, the only perspective that matters is the customer’s.

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